The fix is in
There’s a nag gonna dance home at Epsom
The fix is in
Can’t wait to see how it upsets them

Too many times we’ve been postally pipped
We’ve loaded the saddles
The mickeys are slipped
We’re swapping the turf for the sand
And the surf and the sin
‘Cause the fix, the fix is in

The fix is in
The odds that I got were delicious
The fix is in
The jockey is cocky and vicious

The redoubtable beast has had Pegasus pills
We’ll buy him the patch in the Tuscany hills
And the vino de Vici will flow like a river in spring
Now the fix
the fix is in

The fix is in
The snaps of the steward’s so candid
The fix is in
Yes, our pigeons have finally landed

The Donoghue sisters will meet us in France
In penguins and pearls we’ll drink and we’ll dance
‘Til the end of our days
‘Cause it ain’t left to chance that we win
‘Cause the fix, the fix is in