I live and die by the hot and cold in strangers’ eyes
But danger lies behind the tape across my door
I know a place where angels lace the lemonade
And I cannot stay where all the broken plans were made

Broken devotion
Can I jump in the gun
And fly
Over the ocean
Can I jump in the gun
And string up a net across Lafayette
And sing of my deeds while I’m gone
And I’ll spin some lies to tell you upon
My return from the ends of the earth

She and I would death defy and promenade
She and I were profligate as de rigueur
She and I were for a Burton Taylor made
She and I won’t find another me and her

My sunflower
My ringpip
Oh love like a sundown harbour
Oh love like a falling bomb
Oh my love
Give her wings and armour
Oh my love
Gotta be long gone